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2/20/05 Dee Bloomfield Dear Carolyn and Van,

What an amazing child you had and will always have in your heart. I was so sorry to hear the news. Of course, if doesn't surprise me how amazing she was; she was raised by you and Van -- two amazing people also. From what I
10/21/04 Ann Gregg I received The Learning Edge in the mail yesterday and read of Sonja's tragic death. My daughter also graduated from Clonlara in June, and we remember Sonja tap dancing at the ceremony. I just wanted to express my condolences.
9/29/04 Pat Brown Thank you Sonja for your presence in my heart at the Insight II seminar this past week. I knew we would have a chance to assist together and your spirit was very present. Your tender loving way filled the room each day and gave me joy and happiness. I
9/28/04 Joy and Ryan Dear Sonja: God took another little angel recently to live with him, little Melina, age 10 mos. We asked God to please have you and our friend, Sara, there to welcome her in. It gave me comfort to know that you could be holding and loving her now. Eve
9/26/04 Daniel Barbour I did not know Sonja or any one involved personally, I heard about this from someone in a Star Wars online game. As i read the article i was moved to tears, I do not normally cry. My thoughts and prayers go out to the friends and family. I am trully sorry
9/13/04 corine schilling My name is corine schilling. I worked with sonja at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science in the hall of life workshops while I was in high school.When I seen and read the article in the west word on Sunday September 12,2004 it took me by surprise. I se
9/13/04 thomas perkins I am currently attending court ordered classes due to an alchohol related offence and attend this class with a group of very positive souls who vow to never re-offend. We read the article in class tonight(monday) and I broke down in tears during the readi
9/12/04 Andrew Hallett I live at the corner of E. Alameda and Holly and before I knew any of what I know now of Sonja, that's the only way I was connected with any of this. I saw Sonja's car. I saw the red truck. When it happened, mostly neighbors speculated and rumored that
9/10/04 Krista Goodman I read the story of your daughters unfortunate and early death in the most recent Westword edition. My father lost his leg to a drunk driver and it destroyed his life. Just as this man's decision has destroyed a beautiful young girl, your daughter. The in
9/10/04 Rachel I read about Sonja's death in Westword this afternoon as I was eating lunch and have felt really sad and furious all afternoon. I cannot believe the lax laws that allowed this man to drink and drive repeatedly. When I was a teenager, I read an article o
9/9/04 Jodi Doherty Sonja is a dear person to me. I had the priviledge of spending 4 summers with her at the Hall of Life. She was part of a team of teens that did amazing things for students, teachers, and parents. Sonja was a learner. For 4 years she worked very hard f
9/9/04 anonymous I only saw the short 3 minute feature on KUSA and read the Westword article and I am heartbroken over someone I never met. My sincerest condolences to Mr. and Mrs. deVries. Namaste.
9/1/04 Rosini Russell Tribute to Sonja

Listen…can you hear it?

That sound so loud.

Listen…can you hear it?

That sound so loud.

It's deafening…that sound,

That sound so loud.

So deafening…that sound,

That sound so loud.

I never knew that sound,

That sound so
8/25/04 Brent Shypkoski Life is such a precious thing, but should never be wasted, and Sonja exhibited that in her work at the museum. I never had the privilege to work directly with her, but my first year at the museum I worked at the School Doors, and when she would come down
8/25/04 Jim Goddard As a young, bright, smiling volunteer at age 13, Sonja was a unique person in our Hall of Life. She had a leadership charm that rubbed off on other volunteers, and she did a lot of good for many, many young minds. And she was never afraid to walk in and s
8/17/04 Amy Haddon When our regular student employee told us she was going out of town this summer, we scrambled to find a replacement to help us in the Human Resources office during a relatively busy time of year. My colleague, Amy Anderson, hired Sonja and couldn't say e
8/17/04 Mira Dean Sonja was delightful. I had the opportunity to meet her a couple of times as she was applying to our university. She was a ray of sunshine and will be missed.

Thanks Sonja for all you added to everyone's life.
8/11/04 Don and Rita Jean Wagar dear Carolyn, We were so saddened to learn of the death of your lovely daughter, There are no words that really express our sympathy. Don and I lost our son in October, so we know how terribly this hurts. We are friends of Dale and Janice here in Medina
8/4/04 Alejandro Gonzalez I was very much saddened to hear of Sonja's death. Her's is an unacceptable loss, and a testament a fundamental injustice in life, that our finest youth should be taken for the petty escapades of one evening. She was a wonderful person, with an unceasing
8/1/04 marcia johnson When Ronnie Mitzner suggested to me that she knew a really fantastic teenager who would like to volunteer to help with my campaign for City Council, I was very interested. Ronnie said that this young lady was home schooling and had an American Government
7/31/04 Dierdre Tinker Sonja, thank you for illuminating my life with your Light and for brightening my family and the planet with a genuine warmth and sparkle. You easily and generously shared that sparkle and your legacy of Light lives on in my heart. I will continue to shar
7/31/04 Jeanne Doyle I do not even know where to begin. Sonja and I were childhood playmates in elementary school. I will always remember our games of hide-and-seek, pictionary, computer games, jumprope, and bubbles. Sonja always had a remarkable way of making me laugh and
7/30/04 Christine McLeod I have tap-danced with Sonja every Monday night for the past couple of years. She was the first friendly face that I met when I joined the class. Although I had danced with our instructor at another studio and knew him well, it is sometimes hard to walk
7/30/04 Joe Tinker I am one of Noah's uncles on his mom's side of the family. Uncle Joe. I got to know Sonja pretty well when she, Noah, and the rest of the Morrisons spent several days at our parents' home over the Christmas holiday, 2003. We are a large family and Sonja h
7/30/04 Marilyn DeVries Fenner I am a cousin who might have been her first babysitter, felt very honored when Van and Carolyn asked me to watch her when they went out for the evening. I am sorry I wasn't close enough to have watched her grow up to be such a beautiful girl. I send my
7/29/04 Nicholas West-Miles I was a team leader in the Hall of Life exhibit for 3 years, while Sonja was working in the classroom area, and had the good fortune of seeing Sonja almost every day during those summers. While it's been a while since then, I still remember how upbeat an
7/29/04 Julia Lowe I worked very closely with Sonja in the Hall of Life for about 5 years. We were team leaders together for three of those years. We grew up together sharing many important life experiences. I have many fond memories of Sonja, but one of my favorites was th
7/29/04 Sandra Kohl I first met Sonja as a new Hall of Life teacher. I was all "Woh! She has so much life and energy!" We became friends through that first summer of workshops that I taught. I loved to listen to her laugh and quite enjoyed her playfulness and good nature
7/29/04 Syd Quenzer Sonja always had a big hug and a wonderful smile for me every time we met. Even though I am not doing Pampered Chef with Carolyn any more, Sonja and I tried to keep in contact. I noticed every time I was with her family that they were very close and s
7/29/04 Kevin Theroux I first met Sonja 7 years ago. She was one of my first orthodontic patients. I straighten teeth all day long, but a smile is more than teeth. A smile comes from within. Wow, did Sonja have a smile! A number of the entries below mention it. She smile
7/29/04 Krista Claflin I met Sonja last summer in Denver while attending my Insight II seminar. I had the delight of attending my Insight II with my good friends Noah and Skip Morrison. I was there to witness the "reunion" of Noah and Sonja. Her bubbly sweet tender spirit was w
7/28/04 Susan Tinker Morrison How very grateful I am that we had the blessed opportunity to get to know Sonja on a personal, intimate level this last year. She brought such joy, peace, humor, love and light to our lives and our home when she visited us here in Alamogordo. The beauty
7/28/04 Katie Kronberg I had a dream about Sonja this afternoon. I was in a run down high school of some sort and my classmates that I to to denver school of massage therapy with now were there. We were waiting in the hall to start clinical internship. I hadn't showered or p
7/28/04 Anastasia Maines I met Sonja at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. She was my team leader for four years. I will always remeber her enthusiasm for the job and her ablity to locate anything that was needed for a class. I enjoyed working with her because of her chee
7/27/04 Samantha Ridgeway When I think of Sonja, I am reminded of a favorite quote of mine - "Be the change you wish to see in the world." Sonja truly changed the world just by being who she was. She always inspired me with her willingness to do something about the things she beli
7/27/04 Taylor Stanek When I first met Sonja, she was standing in the classroom at the museum surrounded by a group of screamimg, hyper-active school children with an enormous smile on her face. That was the way Sonja was, a caring young woman with a heart of gold who loved l
7/26/04 Joy and Ryan My son, Ryan, and I met Sonja through Carolyn, as we both were heading to Washington, D.C. on a trip with The Pampered Chef. Carolyn was stuck in meetings for a few days and didn't see how she could actually take Sonja along. Ryan and I offered to escor
7/26/04 Katie Kronberg I received an e-mail from sonja on July 17th responding to my question of how her and Noah are doing as a couple... This is what she wrote back... "Noah and I have been together a year now, still madly in love." Everyone who knew Sonja in the past year m
7/26/04 Sheila Day My family and I first met Sonja when she moved in next door. She was 6 years old. She came right over and introduced herself! In fact, she made it a point to introduce herself to and get to know all of the neighbors! She was very outgoing for such a se
7/26/04 Todd Daubert Van and I started teaching fourth graders about rocks together about four years ago. Being our resident expert, the children always looked forward to his visits. One day Van told me that he had invented a "rock sandwich machine," and he asked if his wif
7/26/04 Diana Robertson I first met Sonja when I went for my interview to work at the museum. Right when I walked in the room, she was the first person I noticed. She was full of life and energy and made me fell very welcome. As I began to work with her, we became very good f
7/25/04 Elyse Francis author_author9000 I didn't know Sonja that well. I met her at Krista and Claudes wedding, and she was this tall, gangly, sweet girl to me. She was such a beauty... Then one night I was at the movies with a bunch of friends, and Noah was taking me home, and she called on hi
7/25/04 Rachel Bernstein While I only knew Sonja for a few short years, I'll never forget how inspired I was, and still am by her love and ability to bring people together in an uplifting way. Sonja assisted at my Insight II. At graduation she came over to me and pointed to the
7/25/04 Virginia Ridgeway For many years I knew Sonja only as the Beloved Daughter of two dear friends. Then, when my two younger daughters took the Insight Trainings with her, Sonja became one of the AMAZING Insight kids that captured my Heart—and my deepest respect as they blos
7/25/04 Nadee Siriwardana I knew Sonja through the teen program at the museum. I was so lucky to have spent 4 years working with such a wonderfuly talented young woman. Through the years we developed a fantastic friendship that I will always cherish. I'm so glad I was able to know
7/24/04 Anastasia The first time I met Sonja I was assisting at her Insight II. I had the privilage of being her group leader and sharing her experience as she "blossomed" right before my eyes. I watched as Sonja grew into herself, into the elegant, graceful, joyfilled w
7/24/04 Jared It is hard for me to express how much Sonja meant to me, I am so angry and so sad. I had never met someone with such an amazing attitude and loving heart. I was a very cold person when Noah first introduced me to Sonja, but she smashed through my walls
7/24/04 Katie Kronberg I will never forget Sonja as long as I live. She had so many admierable qualities about her. One of them being her undying, shining confidence. The confidence that she had about everything she did was amazing. I met sonja it my first teen insight I in
7/24/04 Pat Brown Hello Carolyn and Van and all of Sonja's family. I have been at loss for the words to express my sorrows and then I saw this opportunity to share the wonderfulness of this great spirit, Sonja. It seems she has touched my life since I decided to assist in
7/24/04 Forest Newcomer fnewcome@jeffco, I knew Sonja through our wonderful Insight seminars. After spending time with Sonja, I thought to myself that the world will become a better place with bright, generous, loving, committed young people like Sonja. I am so sad right now for all of us... S
7/23/04 Emily Kronberg I met Sonja at out first Teen I in January 2001. We thought we were strangers, but in an instant we were soul sisters. I remember our conversations, our seminars together, our shopping trips, and our vacation to California. I spoke on the phone with her e
7/23/04 Barbara Grundemann Sonja,

You were sent here to teach everyone you met.

Shinning forth with Love and Grace.

You saw the beauty in everyone.

Realizing potential-never recognizing flaws.

I realize you are called home now; to be with us from afar...

Your light is so br
7/23/04 Amy Harris I was an assistant at Sonja's first insight and had the pleasure of working with her in June 03 when she created an amazing Teen 1. I feel so blessed for having Sonja in my life. I just feel tremendous gratitude, grace, inspiration and loving light when
7/22/04 Noah Morrison This is a email from Sonja to me. I don't know how else to express or tell the joy and love that we shared. I will write more later. -Noah

"Hey love!

Well, thank you for such a great talk last night. WE are amazing, and through our fears, dreams, g
7/22/04 Terri Wheeler Dear DeVries family:

Words cannot express my deepest sympathy for you. Although I didn't personally know Sonja, I have been working at Clonlara School for 8 years and have spoken with members of your family by phone. I feel as though I know Sonja. You
7/22/04 Robbie Burt

I remember my first glimpse of Sonja at an Insight training. She was this tall, slender, beautiful, gentle being. Her eyes sparkled and that smile could melt you in an instant. She made me feel so at home and safe in her presence, so welcomed. Unli